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New LJ [17 Jul 2008|12:29pm]
I have a new LJ.

I never post anything on this one, its old, and its time for a new start!

So add me if you still want to!

my next LJ will be more up to date!


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Attitude. [01 Oct 2007|08:15pm]

I'm sick of myself
I'm changing

No fucking mrs nice girl anymore, i need to change my attitude

I'm way too nice for people cause i dont want to hurt them, and i want to be loved
i dont care about that anymore
just me and my friends... The friends I want

If i dont like you, you will see that soon enough, and dont send me messages like ohh do you still like me, you will see yourself.

I had the best weekend ever though..

.The devil and I.

-xxx- MariKitten

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long time ago [23 Sep 2007|03:03pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i'm doing pretty ok.
undergoing a major style change, kinda stuck somewhere.

moodswings all the way, feeling good and feeling not good everytime different

dunno what to do
my education kinda sucks

I'm alot in amsterdam lately, with Anahita and alan, kinda enjoy it over there, meeting new people.

i dont have much interesting to say
gonna survive another day alone, without food and money

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In het nederlands [15 Jul 2007|10:18am]
[ mood | empty ]

Gisteren heb ik het noodgedwongen uit moeten maken met degene waarvan ik zoveel hield, die dus al twee weken vreemdgaat.
Gelukkig heb ik goede vrienden die eerlijk tegenover me zijn en om me geven, waar ik ook heel dankbaar voor ben...
Ik weet nog niet precies hoe ik me voel, een beetje in de war denk ik.. 
vreemd om wakker te worden en te realiseren dat er hij niet meer naast je ligt als je wakker word... 
Vreemd als je niet kan stoppen met huilen omdat je hem mist als hij je zoveel pijn heeft gedaan
vreemd om weer op eigen benen te staan...
Ik weet het niet meer...

Little translation then..
I broke up with my boyfriend cause he cheated on me, already for two weeks..
and now i dont know what t do

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Long time ago! [15 May 2007|04:42pm]

It has been wayy too long ago that i posted anything on this journal, so i was thinking to post something again to give you all an updat about my life.

I'm still very happy with Joschka, almost for a half year now.
I'm going to do a fashion education in The Hague next year.
I've had my visagist exam and i passed!
My hair is blonde, boring and i'm letting my hair grow (only for a mohawk or something)
I've got a serious coloured leopard addiction.
I've got the greatest idea for my hair, but i need to make some money for whool :P
I hardly go to cyber parties anymore, cause it bores me. (although you will see me there sometimes because i miss my friends there)
I miss my extreme looking looks. but my hair doesnt fit it at the moment :P
I'm still blue ^^
I'm going to M'era luna
I stretched my second earpiercing to 4mm
I'm addicted to Alice Nine

yeah.. i think that would be all =)

I enclosed a picture now.. not the most good one.. but the most recent one for sure!

I''ll make more someday.. =D


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hahaha [18 Dec 2006|05:29pm]
its my birthday!
had a great weekend.. together with my friends and my lovely Yoshi<333333

Pictures will follow later!!
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[04 May 2005|10:43pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Comment to be added
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